November tour – 2013

On the road – November 2013

We had bought a projector, never before used, that fell to the ground and was seemingly broken beyond repair – Shitgods score 1. Minneapolis and Jace’s amp blows a rectifier tube just as we’re about to go on stage. Shitgods 2, Bezzies 1 – the amp did get repaired after all. Then there was the show in Scottsdale, AZ where Jace’s amp went inexplicably intermittent along with every other combination of amp and speakers he attempts to use (seriously, WTF?) However, a quick repair in Albequerque and his amp is once again on it’s working feet, and every other amp seems to be working fine too. Shitgods 3, Bezzies 2. And the capper of the trip: just 45 miles shy of a night’s destination and that stupid deer had to jump in front of the van. Oh why, Shitgods, why?

But all is not lost. While hunkered down waiting for the van situation to sort itself out, Jace gets to work and opens up the projector, tinkers a bit, puts it back together, lo and behold it fucking works. Shitgods 4, Bezzies 3. An alternate travel plan is hatched with a van and trailer plus driver coming to get us to finish out the rest of the tour. After having to cancel 2 shows, for those still keeping score we’re at Shitgods 5, Bezzies 4.

Now lets just shift focus a bit. All these random pitfalls fail to negate the fact that there was beauty in the details too- like finding the perfect leather jacket in Kansas City, making a stop in Alamogordo to bury something in the sand, and visiting briefly with a cherished friend in Seattle. As well, we had much much more to thank our lucky stars for. We had Gabriel the Great pulling double duty playing with Elephant Stone and us Bezzies. We had Vank from Elephant Stone come to the rescue twice by lending us his amp. And then there was Renaud and his unwavering dedication to the craft of road warrioring. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we are the luckiest bunch to be able to play on stage. The people, places and sense of adventure make it so worthwhile.
So concludes this chapter I reckon.
🙂 BL

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