Greetings friends, fans and family of your Bezzie Mates,

How’s it feel for you so far? Feeling the love? Well from our end things are going just swimmingly! We have begun the recording of our next album and based on what’s being laid down it’s going to be a banger. And you can trust our opinion as we’re feeling it first hand. The good vibes are omnipresent in laying the bed tracks and we’ve been just giddy with excitement playing wicked deadly beats with Maestro Heavy Kevvy at the drum helm. What more can be said? Kevin is a place on earth and heaven is a rhythm section in harmony ????

We’d also like to remind you of some shows coming up really soon (Eastern U.S. seaboard peeps please take note!). Here they are as follows:

Jan 22nd in Allston, MA at Great Scott.
Jan 23rd in Providence, RI at the Columbus Theatre.
Jan 24th in Brooklyn, NY at Rough Trade.
Jan 25th in Philadelphia, PA at Black Box.
Jan 26th in Camden City, CT at Cafe Nine.
Jan 27th in Winooski, VT at the Monkey House.

So all that being said, yr Bezzie Mates would like to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!
Love and hugs,

:o) BL

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