Still buzzing from this fabulous band. UK, you're in for some mega-treats! @rideox4 @Andybebop @MarkGardener @doctorloz @SteveQueralt

#Repost @sheenahko ・・・ Backstage Blues @ Cleveland's beautiful House of Blues

What an incredible tour with this fucking amazing band! 🎤🎸👏🏼👏🏼😍 @rideox4official

....Andy Bell from Ride lent Robbie his 1967 Jazzmaster. Problem solved. Thanks again Andy.

Last night Robbie's headstock cracked. This was our solution for tonight's show in Boston....until....

@caspianofficial is playing now under the moon eclipse at #pygmalionfestival

This right now. On tour with Ride. Stoked.

The night is over. Thanks to everyone who came. We love you all ❤️❤️❤️

On stage for soundcheck. Just barely fit everyone. @popmontreal

Bird's eye of the setup. We're ready now. See you tomorrow sept 18 at Rialto @popmontreal

Here you have it: the core Besnard Lakes group for big show @POPMontreal... Many more peeps to come 👍😃

Rehearsal is soooo boring #thebuckster

More jam shots from rehearsal for @POPMontreal show. Pretty effin' impressed with #Instaweird filters! That's Bucky joining us for the rad double percush 😎

With the backup singers @thusowls @deardenizen @kmomoore

Gettin' jiggy with it at rehearsal for @popmontreal show!!

A small portion of Beaston's giant keyboard setup for @popmontreal #stylophone #besnardbigband