@eltonjohn is this true? Did you play our song on @beats1.radio?

Meeting with the visually-inclined for big show coming up at Theatre Plaza Feb 19th in Montreal! It's gonna be one helluva extra-extravaganza 🔮⚪️✨

Good hangs out at the ranch with the And the Kids ladies!! Keep your ears pealed for their tunes 🎸🎹🎤👏🏼👏🏼

The scene in front of @roughtradenyc right now. Shoveling "IN" Canada style.

Wow, colour me surprised NYC! Not quite Snowmaggedon but it's trying ❄️❄️❄️❄️ Still playing at Rough Trade NYC today at 2pm!

Jack's new hat courtesy of our dear friend Robin @inlandempireny Robin knows Jack ❤️ @prince -Gonna verify that skyline;)

Tenting of fingers, flexing of minds at the barrister's office 📊📈👏🏼

On the radio today! 📻 #WNYC #apiconsole

Jace and I a week ago at Lost River for New Year's at Becky and Ian's. One of the most beautiful places I've been to 🗻🌌🌄

Totally in the 'Zona! A little winter golfing doesn't hurt 👌#ArizonaGolfResort

Mikey Feverstack flouting his flutist skills. His force awakens!!!! @m_feuerstack

New Bezzies tour announced today. Go see Star Wars then go buy a ticket to our show. Xo

@landoftalkmusic working it out at the ranch #therigaudranch

Tandem readers in the van #kimisgod

I can still die happy! Swervedriver at Le Guess Who 😘 No Filter!

We're searching for the person who took this amazing photo of Oggy in Brighton @stickymikesfrogbar Please contact us! Xo

These are my basses!!!! #TheseAreMyBasses